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Our business is undergoing transition and we are working on some changes. As of now we cannot accept orders by phone or the website. Sorry for inconvenience.


We love musk and whenever we find a good variation on the theme we try to bring it to you. 

Musk is an interesting type of perfume that works with your personal scent. While most of the musks you find will have additional  scents added to  them the plain musk fragrance is usually subte and is meant to accentuate the good parts of your natural body scent. That is why they smell quite different on everybody.  Original musk was extracted from a musk glad of a Musk Deer that were practically driven extinct because of it. Today  other substitutes have been developed from plants and other more renewable sources. 

Our most popular  musks are:

  • Original Egyptian Musk
  • China Musk
  • African Musk
  • Superior Egyptian Musk (Imported)
  • Red Egyptian Musk
  • White Musk (Imported)
  • Vanilla Musk (Imported)

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