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Designer Types Banned by Paypal

Due to some questionable Acceptible User Policy terms at Paypal we were forced to remove the designer types perfumes. That is because we cannot refer to them by what they are. It is an interesting thing. The copyright law does now allow for copyrighting the fragrances, but you can copyright/trademark the name like D&G or DKNY.  Perfume formulations are known by the name like this, and it is common practice in the industry to refer to them by TYPE. That is saying that DKNY Type is not the DKNY but is similar to it. There are many shops that do it, most actually. We are wandering to see what will happen with this and if they will tell them that they cannot use the Paypal unless they get rid of the trademarks. This is impossible, because there is no other way to refer to the product to say what it is without mentioning the trademark.  Unfortunately, pay pal could care less they do not care if what you doing is legal either, you can infringe on the law as long as you are in compliance with their AUP.  

Well we took them down and it is fine because this is not our core product and we were in the process of clearing house of them. If you however, looking for a particular Designer type fragrance, feel free to  e-mail us and we will check if we have it and see if we can get you a good deal. 

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