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Does the thickness/viscosity of the oil tell me anything about its quality?

No. Depending on the composition of particular oils the thickness varies. Some of the thinnest body oils we have is jamaican fruit and Arabian rose while the thickest oils are Arabian Sandalwood, Egyptian Musk, Agar wood.  

Do your oils contain alcohol?

No.  Non of our oils contain any alcohol.

Are any of your oils toxic ?

As far as we know none of our oils are toxic when used moderately and sensibly. Toxicity is defined as a degree to which something is poisonous. Poison is sometimes defined in terms of quantity of material exposure to which can cause harm to a living organism. For example, vitamin B6 becomes poison in quantity over 100ml per day and can cause neural toxicity. Just about anything in sufficient amount can be poisonous. 

We would and do not sell anything that we know to be poisonous or harmful!

That being said our oils are potent fragrant chemicals consisting of plant materials and carrier oils. We do not know the actual ingredients for many of them as they are considered "trade secret" by manufacturers and are not given out.

It would not be wise to drink, put into sensitive areas or take a bath in a tubful of these oils,  but they are OK to use on skin and clothing in small quantities as far as we know.

In rare cases, It is possible that someone might have a skin sensitivity for a particular oil or one of its ingredients, but majority of people can wear these just fine. We do not have any other toxicity data available and many of our manufactures and suppliers being located all over the globe often cannot tell us much either.

Our oils are supposed to be made from plant materials but it is often impossible to verify which ones are and are not. Generally speaking Imported oils like amber white, vanilla musk, white musk as well as some oils like frankincense are made from higher quality ingredients. 

As far as I can tell, in about 20 years of operating this business there have been maybe 2 or 3 times where people reported any problems in terms of allergies to a particular oil, in which case we usually just accept a return and issue refund.

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