We are not excepting orders at this time.

Our business is undergoing transition and we are working on some changes. As of now we cannot accept orders by phone or the website. Sorry for inconvenience.


We are Back to Serve You Better

 The Islamic Mall is returning to serve you!

As you may know, last summer we had to close our doors while we figured out how we could continue bringing the great products our customers  expect while keeping the prices low. Since then we have tried to find ways to make this business work for you.
We have made a few changes: 

  • We have restructured our business to better serve our customers.
  • We have retained the same high quality products with a new shipping system.
  • We employed dedicated personel responsible for you recieving your orders promptly and so we can concentrate on finding you the best products and create more value by providing opportunities.
  • We will be putting forward incentives and initiatives to jump start our business and at the same time provide you some value. 
  • We will be working continue to streamline our business, making the experience even better for our customers...
  • We are looking to find ways to make this business benefit others and contribute to social good

To welcome back our old customers we would like to offer %25 OFF first 250 orders.  

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Some Changes and Improvements  

Flat rate shipping $9 on all orders with free shipping on orders of $35 or more.  

We will try this and see how it goes if we receive good feedback from customers we will keep it otherwise it might come back. This is mostly meant to simplify our process and encourage our customers to purchase at least $35 worth and this way they we both benefit, you get shipping free and we get more consistent size orders.  We will also have expedited shipping options and gift wrapping available so you can get it faster.

Website Design Improvements to make it easier to use and hopefully work better.

Give us feedback and we will thank you by giving out coupons and making it even better.

We are working on more social media integration, reviews and promotions.

Follow us on twitter and receive coupon for $5 as well as updates about deals and new products!

E-mail & Social Media Marketing and Deals

We trying to work out some programs for our customers to honor the relationship we have with you, we are trying to set up some rewards programs and incentives. We are trying to come up with innovative ways to give you deals and promote our business.

We  welcome any and all feedback and would love to hear from you on how we can serve you better!

A Little History

Many of our friends who shop at The Islamic Mall know that we love and care for our customers, and we love delivering high quality products for your pleasure. It was with great sadness that we had to temporarily close our online store while we reconfigured our business and found better ways to deal with order fulfillment. Being a small family run business, we had trouble dealing with the volume of orders as our family grew and responsibilities outside of this the business increased. 

We care for quality of the products very deeply and love our customers because of that we took a long time to find a suitable solutions for our problems and find trustworthy people to help make The Islamic Mall better.  It was a struggle and many of our customers were upset that we had to close and we definitely sympathize with them. Now that we are back online, we will try our hardest to reach and exceed any expectations our customers had and continue to have. We thank you for all your support in the past and hopefully for a chance to serve you now and in the future. 


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