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Amber White

$ 10.00

Amazing fragrance with an addictive and seductive aroma. Musk like gentle scent with a note of fresh amber. Long lasting arome.

Amber white is one of our best selling imported fragrances, not to be confused with White Amber which has additional floral notes. This scent is quite difficult to describe, it is kind of a musk with slight warm woody notes. 

Amber white is an excellent unisex body oil that is subtle and captivating. 

Recently Amber White is that it has been increasingly hard to acquire.  We have customers constantly e-mailing us and asking for amber white and weather it is the Amber White that they know and love.  We know what you mean, exactly.

Several of our suppliers that used to carry this oil no longer do so and several that still do have a product of inferior quality.

As usually we stand by our 100%  60 day satisfaction guarantee.  If you buy this oil and you do not like it or it is not what wanted or expected, send it back and get your money back.

Amber White is a unique, gentle, unisex smell that stays with you whole day. There hardly anything like it. 

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